About Us

brooke_2014My name is Brooke aka “The Coconut Ninja”. I specialize in custom logos, websites, and blog designs. My goal is to create a website that will not only bring visitors to your website, but delight them while they are there. Not only should your site or logo be beautifully designed it should also be functional. I work hard to ensure that each blog and website is user-friendly, easy to update and easy for search engines to find you. I do my best to identify ways to make you stand out among your competitors.

I have always enjoyed design. My dad is a product designer and my mom is an artist so I guess it’s in my blood. I started learning Photoshop and designing my own CD covers when I was 15 and it went from there. I designed my first website in 2004 during my first year of teaching school. I was required to have a website for my classroom and I caught the bug. I absolutely love creating dazzling designs combined with helpful information.

When I am not putting my creative juices to work on the internet you can find me trying new recipes, sailing, remodeling my house (yes, this girl knows how to use a hammer), or playing with my 4 kids at the park.